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What are Dental Sealants?

Dental sealants work as a barrier to protect from tooth decay because the grooves in the chewing surfaces of the back teeth tend to accumulate more food debris and plaque. This increases the risk of having cavities. As a routine part of the preventive dentistry services offered in our Corona, CA office, dental sealants are applied to protect the molars from dental disease resulting from decay. These fine protective barriers are composed of a transparent or milky-colored substance that is applied to the chewing surfaces of molar or premolar teeth. As soon as they're bonded, they help safeguard the enamel and produce a more even surface, which is easier to keep plaque-free. Dental sealants at Sunshine Dental not only help protect from cavities, but they can also decrease your family's need for fillings or other corrective procedures in the future. Talk to our team during your regular dental cleanings to determine if you or your child could benefit.

What are the Benefits of Dental Sealants?

Dental sealants provide an extra measure of protection against tooth decay by filling in the grooves on the chewing surfaces of teeth. This makes it more difficult for plaque and food debris to accumulate in these areas and cause cavities. Sealants are a simple and effective way to keep your smile healthy and are especially beneficial for people who are prone to decay. In addition to cavity prevention, sealants also:

  • Make teeth easier to clean
  • Decrease the need for fillings or other corrective procedures in the future
  • Help preserve the natural appearance of teeth

Am I a good candidate for dental sealants?

Patients between the ages of 6 – 12 are typically the most susceptible to cavities on the occlusive surfaces of their molars and premolars, so they are recommended candidates for dental sealants. Older patients could also consider getting dental sealants, for example, those who have a difficult time being diligent about good oral hygiene regimens or who have a history of cavities. At Sunshine Dental, the application of dental sealants is a convenient, uncomplicated treatment that typically needs no sedation. Schedule a visit so someone on our dental team can meet with you or your child to find out if you may qualify for this simple and helpful service.

How long does it take for sealants to feel normal?

After your sealant has been placed, you or your little one should be able to carry on with your typical activities following the appointment. In the immediate days following sealant placement, it is essential to stop consuming sticky or tough foods to keep your sealants from cracking as they harden into your molars. It is also important to keep up a proper dental hygiene routine, such as flossing and brushing your teeth at least two times every day. When cared for properly, dental sealants will likely remain in good condition for many years. Our professionals at Sunshine Dental will examine your teeth during routine oral evaluations and let you know when, or if, the sealants need to be redone.

What Should I Expect After Getting Dental Sealants?

As soon as your dental sealant placement is finished, you or your child should be able to carry on with your typical activities. During the following days, it is vital to avoid chewing on sticky or tough foods to keep the sealants from chipping as they harden onto your molars. Dr. Bhakta also advises people to develop a good oral hygiene routine, including regular flossing and brushing no less than two times every day. When tended to as recommended, dental sealants can remain in good shape for several years. Our staff at Sunshine Dental will examine your teeth during regular oral exams and let you know if the sealants need to be reapplied.

Dental Sealants FAQS

Do adults need dental sealants?
At Sunshine Dental, we tend to recommend our pediatric patients get sealants. By sealing the adult teeth early on, we are able to prevent a host of dental issues that can arise later on in life. However, if you are an adult and have lost a sealant or never had them to begin with, we do recommend pursuing sealants as a strong defender against cavities.

Are dental sealants removable?
While sealants can be removed, they are usually left alone unless damaged in some way. They can wear down from either use or more acute trauma. No matter why your sealants have been worn down, we are able to safely remove and replace any damaged seals.

How long will my dental sealants last?
According to the CDC, well-installed sealants will last as long as four years with effective cavity prevention. They may last even longer with routine dental hygiene appointments and exams. Dr. Cooper will keep you informed on the status of your sealants and if/when you need fresh ones.

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Fight Back Against Tooth Decay

Help you and your family maintain glowing, healthy smiles for the long haul with a quick and easy dental sealant service at Sunshine Dental. Sealants may also decrease the chances for future dental procedures and make way for elevated oral wellness. Learn if sealants are ideal for you or your child by setting up an appointment with our team in our Corona, CA facility today.

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