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What is a dental exam?

Retaining the health of your teeth doesn't have to be difficult. Scheduling regular oral assessments allow you to take a preemptive position with your oral health. A comprehensive dental exam at Sunshine Dental diagnoses tooth decay, gum disease, cancer of the mouth, and numerous other concerns that could be impacting your dental and general health. Typically offered during routine teeth cleaning appointments, routine dental exams enable our team in Corona, CA to study the teeth, gums, arch alignment, jaw, and other oral features and can make way for the early detection and management of dental issues. To ensure the health and visual appeal of your mouth, schedule an exam at our Corona, CA practice at your earliest convenience.

What are the benefits?

At Sunshine Dental, regular dental exams provide our patients with many dental hygiene benefits, such as:

  • Establishing a baseline for your dental health
  • Checking out any new or chronic complaints you have about your teeth
  • Performing diagnostic exams, like x-rays and others
  • Prolongs the health of your smile

Am I a good candidate for a dental exam?

Corona, CA patients of all ages should be receiving oral exams at least once every year for general needs. Dental exams may also be performed if necessary to assess tooth sensitivity, trauma, and otherlocalized problems that might arise between appointments. Periodontal disease,the main cause of missing teeth, and cavities might not cause notable signs to form until the later phases. If dental issues are discovered immediately, our staff can often provide a wider range of solutions for care.

The ADA (American Dental Association) states that all infants and toddlersshould see their dentist before they are a year old. For patients at a young age, our dental professionals can address several issues(such as tooth formation and finger-sucking) and aid you in caring for your young one's teeth and gum line as their jawbone tissues develop. Regular thorough oral exams may help your children establish great oral practices from the beginning and make sure they achieve glowing smiles for many years.

What should I expect from my dental examination?

Once your dental exam is scheduled in our Corona, CA office, we'll start off with an assessment of your dental history. These dental reviews will cover all aspects of your oral health to ensure you are on the right track. During the exam, we'll also review any health concerns or aesthetic smile aspirations you have. At specific yearly checkups, a series of computerized x-rays might be taken to provide our team with knowledge of the wellness of your enamel and oral bone structures. We will then conduct a screening for cancer of the mouth, evaluate the alignment of your bite and temporomandibular joints, and assess your teeth for irregularities, as well as the condition of any dental restorations. A periodontal exam might also be carried out to discover existing spots of gum disease.

Dental Exam FAQs

How often should I get a dental exam?
At our Corona, CA office, we know our patients have unique and differentiated needs. However, routine dental exams are crucial for treating, catching, and preventing a host of dental concerns, as well as maintaining your healthiest self. We recommend that our patients schedule a dental exam once a year, with routine cleanings and other check-ups scheduled as needed.

Will a dental exam hurt?
During a dental exam itself, you should not expect any pain or discomfort. The purpose of the exam is for your dentist to evaluate the condition of your mouth and to diagnose any issues which may be bothering you. At Sunshine Dental, we will always be upfront with our patients if there is anything more to expect during the course of your visit to us.

Do I need x-rays for my exam?
We encourage our patients to comply with dental x-rays at their annual exams. These allow us to evaluate your overall gum and tooth health. They are a powerful diagnostic tool that can also help us catch present issues, as well as prevent issues from happening in the first place.

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Protect and Prevent to Maintain Your Smile

Maintaining a bright smile happens when you put in preventive work throughout the year. Routine dental exams at Sunshine Dental help with prompt identification and care for oral issues and are vital in preserving your smile. Set up your family's annual dental exams with our professionals in our Corona, CA office.

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