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What Should I Do if I Have a Dental Emergency?

Dr. Bhavik Bhakta | 11/20/2023

You can’t always plan for a dental problem. If you have an unexpected dental emergency, make sure you know what to do and who to call.


Should You See a Dentist Immediately for a Toothache?

Dr. Bhavik Bhakta | 10/27/2023

How can you tell whether your toothache is considered an emergency that warrants immediate evaluation and treatment? Find out here.


What Type of Dental Issues Count as a Dental Emergency?

Dr. Bhavik Bhakta | 09/11/2023

Wondering whether your dental problem can wait until tomorrow? Learn more about what’s considered a dental emergency in Corona, CA here.


What Lifestyle Changes Should You Make After Dental Implants?

Dr. Bhavik Bhakta | 08/27/2023

Dr. Bhavik Bhakta provides comprehensive dental implant aftercare instructions and support for optimal dental health and lasting implants.


Can Dental Implants be Placed Directly After Tooth Extraction?

Dr. Bhavik Bhakta | 07/31/2023

Learn about immediate dental implants after tooth extraction with an experienced dentist in Corona, CA. Restore your smile at Sunshine Dental.


How Long Can It Take the Gums to Heal After Dental Implant Surgery?

Dr. Bhavik Bhakta | 06/30/2023

Learn about dental implant surgery recovery timelines and post-treatment care with Dr. Bhavik Bhakta at Sunshine Dental in Corona, CA.


It's Been Years Since My Extraction. Can I Still Get Dental Implants?

Dr. Bhavik Bhakta | 05/31/2023

If you've had a tooth extracted, it can cause a domino effect of damage to your mouth; dental implants can help — even years after your extraction.


How to Care for Your Dental Implants

Dr. Bhavik Bhakta | 04/30/2023

Discover expert tips on dental implant care from Dr. Bhavik Bhakta at Sunshine Dental in Corona, CA, ensuring longevity and a confident smile.


How Long Can Dental Implants Last With Proper Care?

Dr. Bhavik Bhakta | 03/30/2023

When cared for properly and effectively, dental implants can be a long-lasting enhancement of your smile at Sunshine Dental in Corona, CA.


What to Ask Your Dentist Before Getting Dental Implants in Corona, CA

Dr. Bhavik Bhakta | 02/28/2023

There are many questions you can ask Dr. Bhavik Bhakta before you get dental implants.


Three Reasons to Consider Dental Implants

Dr. Bhavik Bhakta | 01/31/2023

An implant-supported restoration improves the health and appearance of your smile. Today, our Corona dentist explains the benefits of implants here.


What to Look For When Finding a Family Dentist in Corona, CA

Dr. Bhavik Bhakta | 12/31/2022

Do you need a dental examination or cleaning? Learn how a family dentist in Corona can improve your overall oral health by calling for an appointment.


At What Point Are Dental Implants Necessary?

Dr. Bhavik Bhakta | 11/30/2022

There are many reasons dental implants might be necessary for your dental health. Dr. Bhavik Bhakta can help you determine this.


Dental Hygiene Tips for the Whole Family

Dr. Bhavik Bhakta | 10/31/2022

Learn these important family dental hygiene tips to help maintain your oral health and keep your smile looking fantastic.


How to Make Oral Health a Priority for Your Family

Dr. Bhavik Bhakta | 09/30/2022

Keeping your family's oral health in good condition is important. Keep reading to learn more about how Dr. Bhavik Bhakta can help you.


Five Questions to Ask Your Dentist About Family Dentistry

Dr. Bhavik Bhakta | 08/29/2022

Choosing a family dentistry provider for dental exams, professional cleanings, and diagnostic care can be tricky, so ask the following questions.


What Dental Issues Are Hereditary?

Dr. Bhavik Bhakta | 07/29/2022

There are many dental issues that are hereditary. Dr. Bhavik Bhakta can help you determine if you may have one and the appropriate treatment.


How Many Times a Year Do I Need a Dental Exam?

Dr. Bhavik Bhakta | 06/28/2022

You will require a dental exam at least twice a year, although you may need to visit more often if you have specific dental health concerns.


Six Health Benefits of Having Family Dental Care

Dr. Bhavik Bhakta | 05/30/2022

Family dental care is crucial for overall health and helps young people develop good oral hygiene habits. Read more about the benefits here.


Will Dental Crowns Make My Teeth Stronger?

Dr. Bhavik Bhakta | 04/30/2022

If you’re a candidate for a dental crown, here’s what you need to know about this type of restoration and how it can strengthen your smile.


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