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What is bone grafting?

When your jawbone is weakened from missing teeth or physical trauma, a bone graft could help to assist your jaw. A bone graft can help you properly hold any remaining natural teeth and your dental implants. Bone grafting, also known as osseous surgery, helps to augment and rebuild your jawbone so it is stable enough to hold an implant. At Sunshine Dental, osseous surgery is performed to strengthen your jaw before implant surgery to replace missing or weak teeth. Plan a consultation with our team in Corona, CA to learn more about surgical bone grafts.

What is recovery from dental bone grafts like?

Recovery after a bone graft varies from person to person, but within six months, the graft should bond with your jaw (osseointegration). During this time, a proper oral care routine of brushing and flossing is important. You may also have additional products recommended by our Corona, CA dentist, like antibiotics or pain medication for any inflammation or discomfort experienced after your procedure. Before dental implant placement, our team at Sunshine Dental will check your healing and decide when it is best to move forward.

Bone Grafting FAQ

How long does the bone grafting procedure take?
The duration of a periodontal bone grafting procedure varies based on the complexity of the case. Generally, it takes about 1-2 hours. The process involves preparing the site, placing the graft material, and ensuring proper closure of the area. Recovery times vary, but most patients resume normal activities within a few days.

Is periodontal bone grafting painful?
Patients typically experience minimal discomfort during periodontal bone grafting, thanks to local anesthesia. Post-procedure, some soreness or swelling is normal, but it's usually manageable with prescribed pain medication or over-the-counter pain relievers. Sunshine Dental ensures patient comfort and provides detailed aftercare instructions.

What types of bone graft materials are used?
There are several types of bone graft materials, including autografts (from the patient's own body), allografts (donor bone), xenografts (animal bone), and synthetic materials. The choice of material depends on the patient's specific needs and the dentist's recommendation. Sunshine Dental provides options suitable for various patient preferences and requirements.

Rebuild and restore your dental health

Rebuild your jaw so that you can invest in your dental future. Let surgical bone grafting be your path to supporting your teeth and implants at Sunshine Dental. In your meeting with our dental professionals, you can get more information about your options for graft material and get a personalized plan for treatment that leads to a stronger jawbone. Contact our office in Corona, CA to schedule your appointment.

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