Can Dental Implants be Placed Directly After Tooth Extraction?

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 Dental implants have changed the way we deal with tooth loss. Dentists like Dr. Bhavik Bhakta at Sunshine Dental in Corona, CA often hear one question from patients: "Can dental implants be placed directly after tooth extraction?" This is an important question because placing dental implants right after extraction can make the process easier for patients. It saves time by doing two things at once, and it also helps keep your jawbone healthy, which can make your dental implants last longer. 

What decides if you can get dental implants right away? 

Whether or not you can get dental implants almost immediately after tooth extraction depends on several things:  

  • Your overall health: A strong immune system helps your body heal after the implant is placed. 
  • The condition of your jawbone: You need good bone structure to support the implant. If there's bone loss or infection at the extraction site, it might not be possible to place the implant right away. 
  • The location of the extracted tooth: Where the tooth was in your mouth can affect the success of an immediate implant. 

What happens during dental implants after tooth extraction? 

The process begins with Dr. Bhakta carefully extracting the tooth to save as much of the surrounding bone as possible. Once the tooth is out, he checks the socket. If everything looks good, he moves forward with placing the dental implant. 

The implant is put into the socket left by the extracted tooth. This acts like a new tooth root, providing a solid base for the artificial tooth that will be added later. 

What are the benefits of immediate dental implants? 

Getting dental implants right after tooth extraction has several benefits:  

  • They save time by combining the extraction and implant processes into one appointment. 
  • They help keep your natural bone structure, preventing bone loss that can happen after tooth extraction. 
  • They can reduce the need for additional procedures like bone grafts. 
  • They let you get your smile back faster, which can improve your confidence and quality of life. 

Get the right dental care after a tooth extraction in Corona, CA  

At Sunshine Dental, we aim to provide complete, patient-focused care. If you need a tooth extraction in Corona, CA, and are considering dental implants, Dr. Bhavik Bhakta is ready to guide you through the whole process. His expertise and commitment to patient comfort ensure the success and longevity of dental implants and your overall oral health. 

Don't let tooth loss affect your life. Contact Sunshine Dental in Corona, CA today and learn more about your options for dental implants after tooth extraction. We're here to help you get your beautiful smile back.

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